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Spring Maintenance Guide - Find Local Home Remodeling Contractors

Seasonal Maintenance Guide: Spring

The long winter months are almost over, and spring will be blooming before we know it. To make sure your home is prepared for the spring and summer months, start on these seasonal maintenance projects. Keeping up on these maintenance projects will ensure your home is a summertime haven for you and your family.

Inside Your Home

Fencing and Landscaping

With warmer weather on the way you'll want to make sure that your air conditioning unit is in proper working order. The last thing you want on a day of peak temperatures it to try and turn on your AC and find that it's not working. Get any repairs or maintenance done before the heat wave by using a professional HVAC specialist.

No matter the season you want to make sure that your doors and windows are properly sealed and caulked. Keeping your home air tight will lower your energy bills year round, keeping warm air in during winter and cold air in during summer. Any handyman will be able to find window sills and other cracks that will need to be caulked.

Summer time often means leaving windows open and letting fresh air circulate through your home. To let the air in, and keep the bugs out, you'll want to make sure that your window and door screens are intact. Clean and inspect all window and door screens and replace damaged or worn out ones.

Outside Your Home

Spring is the time for gardening and flowers. Taking the time to plan some landscape work, or hiring a professional to revamp your landscaping, is a great spring maintenance project. Projects large and small will make a difference to the overall look of your yard. Whether you're doing some flower bed weeding, planting new ground cover, or adding wood chips take some time to get essential yard work complete.

Fencing and Landscaping

If you take the time do re-do your landscaping, you'll also want to make sure that your sprinkler system is in working order. Your sprinkler system is and essential part of the upkeep of your landscaping. If you're pressed for time, hire a handyman to check for leaky valves and broken sprinkler heads.

Your deck or patio may have gone unused in the winter, but you'll be ready to use it more and more as the weather warms up. A thorough cleaning and inspection of your deck will make sure you get all the winter grime off and will allow you to fix any aspect of your deck that is in need of repair. Don't have a deck or patio? Maybe it's time to start a deck installation in time for spring.

Fencing and Landscaping

Just like making sure the inside of your home is properly sealed, it's also important to make sure you take the time to caulk any problem areas on the outside of your home. Exterior caulking can include around windows and any other place where the current caulk is deteriorating.

Winter weather can be rough on your home, so you want to make sure that your roof and flashing are unharmed. Hire a contractor to inspect your roof and all surface projections and sidewalls. A professional contractor will be able to replace any damaged flashing and help you with any other roofing maintenance issues.

Fencing and Landscaping

Now is the time to inspect your pipes and outdoor faucets. You'll want to remove any insulation you put on outdoor water pipes in preparation for winter, and check for any possible leaks. You'll also want to replace any necessary parts. Running low on time? Find a professional to help with all your spring maintenance needs.

One of the easiest outdoor maintenance projects is cleaning your gutters. You should clean and inspect all of your gutters and downspouts to make sure you don't have any blockages that may cause them to overflow. You'll also want to fix or replace any part of your gutter system that is in need of repair.

These are just a few of our seasonal maintenance tips. You can find more tips and suggestions for preparing your home for the spring and summer, increasing your energy efficiency, and finding local, quality contractors to help with these projects on

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