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Remodeling with wow factor in mind

Looking to bring some "wow" into your home? Patricia Davis Brown, an award-winning interior designer, lays out a 3-step remodeling plan to get a fabulous look in any space.

Looking to create a fantastic room? When you're just starting out, it can feel overwhelming. How do you bring all the elements together to create a room that says "wow"? Fear not - it can be done.

To start, let's take a look at a classic, appealing shape - the pyramid. The balanced configuration is visually entrancing, and as you look at it, your eye is naturally drawn from base to point. That same sense of balance is important for your home, and having a natural focal point can pull your design together,

So how do you actually select pieces to make this happen? By following the One-Two-Three Punch checklist below!

Punch 1 - When you're designing, start at the bottom. A good foundation sets the stage for your home. If it's a complete renovation, this means starting with flooring. You want to lay a material that will anchor the design. If you have or are planning to buy dark furniture, consider selecting a light floor so that each element stands out. If you're not replacing your floor, then consider the color of it and choose the furniture accordingly. Décor is about balance; having too much in one direction topples the design.

Punch 2 - Next up is home accessories. If you had a white couch and added white decorative throw pillows, the only thing your furniture would say is "why bother." When accessorizing, make it count. Now is the time for a powerful color like purple. Also consider varying the textures in the room - like having not just a purple throw pillow, but a beaded purple throw pillow. You want the whole look to pop, and contrasting accessories is a great way to do that. Try a bold-patterned rug on a neutral-colored floor - like zebra print on dark wood - to center the space. Finally, don't leave your walls out! The right artwork and pictures can help balance the space without blending into the background.

Punch 3 - The last step is where the "wow" factor dominates. Think of this as your room's grand finale. In the kitchen, your big ending might be an eye-catching range hood. In just about any other room, a decorative light fixture like a chandelier can get the standing ovation you want. I like to add fun decorative chandeliers in family rooms to bring character to the space. Lit up and shining, these popular statement pieces can bring everything else to life. The important thing in choosing finishing touches is not to be shy. Let the other pieces in the room act as a supporting cast to the star of your show - your "wow" factor element.

With these guidelines in mind, it's time to start designing. By working from the bottom up and picking pieces you love, your room is sure to "wow" you every time you walk into it.