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Picking the right sink for your kitchen

National award winning Interior Designer, Patricia Davis Brown gives believes every detail should be planned out before you knock down the first wall in a kitchen remodel. Today, she focuses on an often overlooked element: the kitchen sink.

When you're planning a kitchen remodel, you should consider every detail - all the way down to the kitchen sink. I find that many people make a last minute decision on a sink, and they don't know how many possibilities are available to them. Recently I had a client who was meticulous about every detail, but when I asked him about his sink selection, he said he would be using the old porcelain sink. I looked at his sink and my gag reflex kicked in. (For the record, cracks in old porcelain could be unsafe, allowing lead in the clay to blanch out into the sink.) Being nonchalant about selecting your new sink could make you fall short of the perfect design.

bronze farmhouse sink
Photo credit to Rocky Mountain Hardware. Model KS4422

The two most important things to consider when choosing your kitchen sink are aesthetics and functionality.

Aesthetically speaking, sinks today come in styles from traditional to contemporary. It's important to keep the integrity of the design by picking a sink that will suit the feel you are trying to maintain in the space. Some sinks are going to say "Look at me" while others will almost disappear. Don't be quick to narrow down your options here! The Farmhouse style is a bold look that most people would consider a very traditional design (like the sink pictured above), but this sink comes in a contemporary style as well:

Modern Farmhouse sink
Photo credit to Dawn.

A Farmhouse style sink will really make a big impact on your kitchen design and would need to be considered in the beginning of the design process so the cabinet can be constructed correctly to accept it. Even if you are looking for a simplistic design, it is important to evaluate your options and research the perfect look for you so you're totally prepared.

Functionality depends quite a bit on your kitchen's plan. If you have a large galley kitchen, you might want a multi-functional sink, like a chef sink. Kohler makes one called Stages, and just like the name implies, it offers you many stages of prep work. The sink is very deep to accept large pans and is set into the counter top with sliding cutting boards, strainer, and a platform for preparing meats before cooking.

prep sink
Photo credit to Kallista.

Some of the open kitchens today are designed in zones: clean up, prep, and cooking. In a large open kitchen you might need more than one sink. The main sink for clean up and then a prep area with a smaller sink. You might even have a beverage center and need a bar sink for preparing refreshments.

The most important thing to remember when remodeling your kitchen is planning out all of the details with a professional who knows about the latest materials available. Nothing should be decided last minute, especially a fixture as important as the kitchen sink.