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4 qualities your general contractor needs to bring home a winning remodel

It takes a team to have a successful remodel, and your general contractor is like a team captain. To ensure the best remodel possible you need to appoint the right team captain.

4 qualities your general contractor needs to bring home a winning remodel

Relaxed remodeling is all about having the right team. To get the right team you must find the quarterback who will lead the team to a winning victory, your general contractor.

I believe finding the team leader is like finding the perfect fitting pair of jeans--you know it when you find it. There are three important components: trust, a history of good performance, insurance and a license. Combining these ingredients will give you the winning play.

Winning combination for the right general contractor

1. The first ingredient, trust, is a no-brainer. Either you have trust in your contractor or not.

2. The second ingredient, history, means a good one. Any experienced contractor comes with a history. Interview previous clients for references--the more the better.

3. The third, insurance, is a must for the protection of you and anyone walking onto your job site. If an accident occurs, you do not want liability to fall on your shoulders. You want to be protected by your contractor's insurance.

4. And last, but so important, is a contractor's license. A contractor must also pull permits on plumbing and, most important, electrical. You want these things inspected to know they have been done to code and will not flood or burn your house down.

Your experienced contractor will put together the team of professionals for your remodel. General contractors should have a history working with their teams and know just how to lead them through the remodel, giving you a job completed well and brought in on time. We have all heard the nightmare stories of the never-ending remodels. With the right contractor this should not happen.

Professional contractor can lead the remodel team through challenges

Your qualified contractor should create a contract with a scope of work. As in any remodel, there will be surprises resulting in changes to the scope of work. It is at this juncture your team leader should produce a written change order for you to sign, explaining the change and how it affects the bottom line. After your signed approval your contractor would lead the team through the change while keeping everyone on the same page. You never want to work verbally in the construction process due to misinterpretations by both parties. A good contractor knows how to create the playbook and maintain it.

Having one team leader as your go-to guy eliminates the headache of you trying to keep up with several different sub-contractors. Your general contractor is fully aware of where the ball stops--with him.

After selecting your professional contractor, sit back and take on the roll of spectator. Watch your "captain" take the team through the hoops to give you the best possible outcome.

Go team, go!