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The Cost of Remodeling Materials

Remodeling materials can make up half the cost of a home improvement project. While you might want to pick trendy flooring or fixtures, be careful to consider what remodeling materials add the most value, comfort, style - and durability to your home.
Read on for more details

Look Before You Leap: Home Improvement Cost Versus Return on Investment

HHome Improvement Cost Versus Return on Investment

Now is an excellent time to tackle that home improvement project you have been considering. Due to the slow economy, cost of materials and labor are down from just two years ago. But if you have several projects under consideration, you might want to concentrate on those that will give you the best return on investment (ROI). Read on for more details

Homeowner's Insurance: Know What Your Policy Covers, and What Coverage to Add

Homeowner's Insurance: Know What Your Policy Covers, and What Coverage to Add

Each individual and family has different needs and budgets so it's important to work with a good insurance agent when it comes to putting your policy together. The next time you review what your current homeowner's insurance policy covers, keep some of these extra protection options in mind. Read on for more details

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