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ReliableRemodeler.com Newsletter: Volume 9 - Issue 2
Invest In Your Home and the Planet By Choosing Solar
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Part Two of Our Series on Saving in the Current Economic Climate

While we continue to look at ways to save, energy efficiency is always high on the list. Having a home that uses less energy is great for your bills, however, what if you could bypass having to pay for the majority of your energy use altogether?

Get Paid to Update Your Home with Federal Tax Credits

By installing a home solar system in your home you'll be generating free, renewable energy that you can use through out your house, and you'll also qualify to receive a tax credit. Read on for more details

More information on Home Solar Systems, Energy Efficiency and Greening Your Home:

Start Taking Advantage of Government Tax Credits for Home Solar Energy Systems As part of the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act, the government is providing a number of tax credits to homeowners as an incentive to make their home more energy efficient... Start Taking Advantage of Government Tax Credits for Home Solar Energy Systems
Make Your House Efficient and Environmentally Friendly You can employ quite a few ideas and practices to help achieve an environmentally friendly house... Make Your House Efficient and Environmentally Friendly
Remodeling the Green Way Products, and tips that almost anyone can implement. ... Environmentally Friendly Home Additions Anyone Can Use