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ReliableRemodeler.com Newsletter: Volume 9 - Issue 10
10 Easy Steps to Winterizing Your Home
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It's Not Too Early to Get Your Home Ready For Cooler Days

When the temperatures turn cooler, thoughts turn to winter--and for homeowners, that means winterizing home maintenance. Make certain your house is ready to tackle Mother Nature by following these winterizing guidelines:

  1. Fire up the Furnace. At the first hint of cooler weather, start up the furnace to make sure it works. Change the furnace filters at least once a month throughout the winter, and have the furnace inspected annually.
  2. Check out the Chimney. Have your chimney inspected every year. If you have a wood-burning stove, more than once a year is a good idea. Invest in a protective cap for your chimney to keep foreign objects and rain out, and when the stove is not in use, keep the damper or doors closed.
  3. Inspect the Central Heat and Air. The ductwork of your system should be insulated and connected well. If you see gaps in the ductwork of your home, seal it with metal-backed tape.

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