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Ready To Start Kitchen Remodeling? Follow These Guidelines

Tackling a kitchen remodeling project head-on takes a lot of planning, patience, and know-how. So, take your time when choosing colors, design, and materials. And, hire a qualified contractor to help make your vision a reality.

Making Your Kitchen Renovation Easier

Home Kitchen Remodeling

Finalize your design ideas before contacting a local contractor or interior designer. Always get at three different estimates, and make sure they're professional and licensed.

The National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) guidelines take into consideration:

One important guideline considers the work triangle--an imaginary line running from the center of the sink to the refrigerator to the cook top. The standard ensures the cook isn't cramped, wastes steps, or is interrupted by traffic through the kitchen.

Remodeling Your Kitchen

Another NKBA recommendation--watch that no entry, appliance, or cabinet doors block each other when open. An appliance or cabinet door on an island shouldn't hit a door across from it. Draw up a clear, functional map in your kitchen by observing obstacles, traffic patterns, and high-use areas.

Ask your kitchen contractor to install the following storage or organizing items to improve the functionality of your kitchen:

Turning Your Ideas into Reality

Here are a few ways to organize your thoughts--and your kitchen remodeling project:

Granite Counters as Part of Your Kitchen Remodel

Depending upon the complexity of your kitchen remodel, your timeline can range from a couple of weeks for a simple face-lift to up to two years up from initial concept to completion. For example, replacing cabinets is time consuming, dirty, and expensive. Resurfacing or repainting kitchen cabinets can save time and money.

Lastly, find an NKBA contractor or designer who specializes in kitchens. This adds value to your investment by utilizing their experience and expertise for your kitchen design job.

Follow the simple guidelines stated by NKBA kitchen contractors and designers for a professional kitchen remodel that suits your needs and fulfills your dreams.