Remodeling 2013: 4 innovative products for DIYers

Posted by Jeffrey Anderson ~ January 15, 2013

It's a new year and you might already be abandoning some of your resolutions. Getting more exercise or deciding to become serious about losing weight are admirable goals but not always easy to stick to. As a DIYer, why not make one that you have a better chance of keeping? There are many new materials and tools hitting the marketplace that provide more options for your home improvement projects. Resolve to try a few of these innovative remodeling products in 2013.

Lightweight sheetrock

Spending a day carrying and hanging sheetrock can be a good way to keep that resolution about getting more exercise -- especially if there are ceilings involved. USG Corporation has provided help by introducing a lightweight sheetrock that's about 30 percent lighter than standard boards. That may not sound like much, but at the end of the day your aching muscles should be able to feel the difference. The material is available at many home improvement stores and can be used in place of standard 1/2-inch board.

DeWalt DCT416S1 12V Max Imaging thermometer kit

You've probably heard that getting an energy audit on your home can be a good way to lower heating and cooling bills, but may not be sure how to have it done. DeWalt has made checking for trouble spots in your insulation a DIY project with their DCT416S1 Imaging Thermometer Kit. The tool detects temperature deviations in your exterior walls and attic that are often indications of where energy dollars are escaping your home. The DCT416S1 retails for around $1,000, but could pay for itself in reduced heating and cooling costs in just a few years.

Silca System deck underlayment

If you've always envied your neighbor's slate patio but have been stuck with a deck due to backyard grade, you're now in luck. Silca System structural support panels allow you to convert your deck's wooden surface to slate, pavers, or even stone. The panels attach to the joists in the deck and can be used on stair treads as well. The product is very DIY-friendly and is made with recycled materials.

GAF Monaco Lifetime Designer Shingles

Roofing tile can give just about any home a distinctive and elegant appearance. Unfortunately, tile isn't right for every climate and budget, and the material's weight can sometimes be an issue as well. You can now have the look without the drawbacks by using GAF's Monaco Lifetime Designer shingles on your home.

The roofing has a profile that's very similar to tile and features a limited lifetime warranty. Available colors are based on where your home is located, but in just about every region several hues are offered. The roofing also has a limited wind warranty up to 130 mph.

These are just a few of the innovative remodeling products now offered that can make 2013 the best year yet for home improvement DIYers.

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