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Getting the most out of your kitchen cabinet space

You wouldn't be the first to report that following your kitchen remodeling project, you still had less than workable space on your counters. Many homeowners base their space on the [...]

Sorting Out Simple Bath Renovations

With so many people writing about the decent rate of return and value of small bathroom remodeling projects, I thought I'd hop on the bandwagon. Of course, your first logical [...]

Measuring the Fittings for Your Kitchen Sink

Configuring space for your new kitchen sink is one of the most-important chores when you begin a remodeling project. If you measure wrong, you may not only have to start [...]

Finding the Sink for Your Kitchen Remodel

I wonder how many hours per week I spend at the kitchen sink. I prepare my meals by washing all the ingredients, including fresh spices. I don't own a dishwasher, [...]

Eliminate Bathroom Clutter Now

Ever puncture yourself on a razor while searching through a bathroom drawer? Perhaps you had to move an armload of drying towels and clothing to get to the shower curtain [...]

Making the Most Out of Your Small Bathroom

A small bathroom doesn't have to resemble the torpedo room on a World War II submarine. In large families, bathroom time can be at a premium, forcing some members to [...]

Kitchen Sinks for Dreamers

It's been nine months since we last had a look at clever kitchen sinks, so I did some snooping around and was more than amazed at what you can find-if [...]

Resolutions and Renovations

You've put away the noise makers and silly hats and you're ready for 2010. No doubt, you've made resolutions for getting exercise, cleaning up your diet, and spending more time [...]

Quick, Snappy Makeovers for The New Year

You taking a staycation over the holidays? Have time on your hands and a lonely toolbelt? Maybe all you need to get into action and work off all the cookies [...]

When Your Faucet Is Clogged

You'd be amazed how many people ruin their kitchen or bathroom faucets and shower heads attempting to remove the aerator and clear mineral build-up. While clearing a faucet is a [...]