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Vote for the Best Siding Projects

One sure way to develop an appreciation for the work that can be done with vinyl siding to transform a home is to see before and after shots of the [...]

Insulated vinyl siding and energy efficiency

Once the butt of comedian's jokes, vinyl siding has been improved by leaps and bounds and today has captured a large share of the American market. Its relative ease of [...]

Simple, routine vinyl siding maintenance

One of the top selling points for vinyl siding is the ease of maintenance. But that doesn't mean there's "no maintenance" involved in extending the life of your product. Vinyl [...]

Vinyl siding options: chat with Bob Vila

Discussing vinyl siding is a lot like bringing up politics or religion at a family gathering. You're sure to get an earful of conflicting opinions. I'll say this: if vinyl [...]

Resolutions and Renovations

You've put away the noise makers and silly hats and you're ready for 2010. No doubt, you've made resolutions for getting exercise, cleaning up your diet, and spending more time [...]

Return on Investment for Home Improvements

Let's face it: money is tight today. If you're looking to get the most bang for your home improvement dollar, think about making improvements that make your home more livable [...]