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When Your Faucet Is Clogged

You'd be amazed how many people ruin their kitchen or bathroom faucets and shower heads attempting to remove the aerator and clear mineral build-up. While clearing a faucet is a [...]

On-Demand Hot Water Systems: Are We Ready?

Years ago I was visiting a friend in Tokyo and was astonished that she took water from the tap for tea, and it was too hot to drink. This was [...]

Water Heater Basics

I can't think of anything worse in the morning than having to take a cold shower. But having a rotten egg smell in your shower water from a decayed anode [...]

Shower Designs Dreaming of a Day Beyond My Clawfoot Tub

Clawfoot tubs are great. They look great, that is. In terms of ease of use, and practicality - well, not so much. After living with a clawfoot tub [...]