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How secure is your home?

It's my nature to surf the world of online home improvement blogs. There's great information out there, including home improvement ideas if you're rebuilding or going green. But I've yet [...]

Nail gun safety for homeowner-remodelers

The most-famous motto for all contractors and DIY handymen/women is "measure twice, cut once". I'd prefer to move the phrase, "work safe, work smart" to the top of the slogan [...]

Fall is time to practice fire safety

This week The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) released their annual plea for homeowners to inspect their residences for fire risks, make [...]

Chemical sensitivity and home safety

Slowly, it seems, homeowners and contractors are paying closer attention to the side effects of chemicals and building materials. The main culprits being addressed today are volatile organic compounds (VOCs) [...]

Preventing home improvement tool injuries

The difference between completing a home improvement project with pride or ending up in an emergency room with a severed hand can be the variance of a single millimeter and [...]

Playhouses must follow a design for safety

You can find some of the most interesting home improvement ideas by looking at the designs for children's play houses. If we could consider safety when we improve the big [...]

Living safe and protected in 2011

The overall drop in 2010 home invasions and burglaries indicate that home security and alarm systems may be having a deterrent on criminal behavior. It's too early in the year [...]

Winter's Coming: Get Your Pipes Wrapped!

I write on this subject every fall, but at least one person reading this blog either knows someone--or is that someone--who neglected to prepare their pipes for winter and ended [...]

Home Renovation and Indoor Air Quality

Whether you're adding a room, installing new carpet, or painting, you're putting yourself and family members in potential harm's way if you don't have a mitigation plan for off-gassing, dust, [...]

Winter Home Troubles Are Only a Storm Away

Summer may seem a long time away from the grim, damaging effects of winter. But don't let the long dry days of summer and the leaning shadows of autumn lull [...]