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Openness and Natural Woods for the Hopper House

After Hollywood actor and director Dennis Hopper passed away this May after a long bout with cancer, his house went on sale. The Hopper compound--located on Indiana Avenue in Venice, [...]

Do You Need Weatherstripping in the Summer?

I'm often surprised when homeowners think of weatherstripping as a winter-only project. With some 30 percent of your energy costs pegged to heat--and cold air--leaks at home, you'd think more [...]

Installing a Laminate Kitchen Floor

I've seen so many laminate floors in kitchens and baths lately that it seems an obvious choice for many people. Putting down laminate flooring is so much easier than a [...]

Can We Save Old American Homes?

Preservationists, ecologists, and homeowners of architectural era homes trying to meet their utility bills wonder if the costs of retrofitting a tired lady outstrip the value of completing the project. [...]

Reminder on Lead Paint Law and Remodeling

If you're a contractor, you probably already know about the new requirements when you're remodeling or renovating around lead paint. Homeowners working on their own residences are not bound by [...]

Assembling Your Plumber's Toolbox

If you're a staunch do-it-yourselfer, you don't want to scrimp on plumbing tools. Like most every tool in the box, when it comes to plumbing tools I've found that the [...]

Nailing Down the Squeaky Floor

Besides the water torture of a dripping faucet, I can't think of anything more maddening than a squeaky floor. It announces all arrivals and departures, no matter the time of [...]

Pliers: The Indispensable Tool for the Home Remodeler

It's easy to be overwhelmed by the selection of tools at your hardware or home improvement store. As a general rule, I rely on the old adage that you get [...]

When Your Faucet Is Clogged

You'd be amazed how many people ruin their kitchen or bathroom faucets and shower heads attempting to remove the aerator and clear mineral build-up. While clearing a faucet is a [...]

Caulk Talk: Draw Your Guns

If you've never sliced the top of your thumb cutting open the edge of a tube of caulk, you have greater dexterity than most part-time home handy workers. I grew [...]