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Is it time for a garage-door tune up?

Of all the doors or gates to your home, your garage door and opener probably experience the greatest amount of wear and tear during a year of ordinary use. Imagine [...]

Pile carpet repair made simple

You're not really a perfectionist, you just can't stand that torn, burned, ripped or stained section of pile carpet right in the middle of your living room. Even if you've [...]

Get out your caulking gun before summer is out

OK, gunslingers, it's time to draw your caulking gun before the bad boys of winter settle in to ravage the homestead. Kidding aside, caulking and sealing is a home improvement [...]

Improvement projects to consider during the housing crisis

It comes as no real surprise to those of us who own homes that today's housing crisis-which began in 2006-has now officially been called the worst since the Great Depression. [...]

Termites: repairing pest damage in the winter

There are winter home improvement projects that take into consideration the down-time many contractors experience through the winter months. That means hardly any lag time between when homeowners make appointment [...]

Remodeling Ahead of the Upturn

Is this really the time to repair your home with an eye toward the market? During the downturn of the economy, many homeowners embarked on remodeling projects as it seemed [...]

Fix That Buzzing Light Bulb or Dimmer Switch

As much as we appreciate dimmer switches, they can make low-quality light bulbs flicker and buzz when you turn down the juice. Often the problem is with the bulb and [...]

Beware Failing Appliances and Suspicious Plumbers

You'd think that torrential rain gathering in clogged gutters or burst frozen pipes are the largest cause of water damage in the home. Not so, says a vice president at [...]

Winter Home Troubles Are Only a Storm Away

Summer may seem a long time away from the grim, damaging effects of winter. But don't let the long dry days of summer and the leaning shadows of autumn lull [...]

Energy Efficiency in the Laundry Room

Unless you ship your bedding, towels, and clothing items off to the dry cleaners, you're going to have to use water in your laundry room. If you're an energy and [...]