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Painting Trends: Add Accent Color for 2012

You've decided your house needs fresh color. Perhaps you're among the American homeowners who have decided to give up putting their residence on the market. Or, you're aging in place. [...]

Interior Painting to Beat the Winter Blues

With holiday shopping in full fury, the last thing you're considering is the idea of repainting. But as most of you know, fresh interior paint can change your home--and emotional [...]

Ceiling Painting Tips from the Pros

If you're like me, turning to a family member or relative to paint your home may come with a large element of risk. That's unless they paint professionally. While I [...]

What to Do With All Those Leaves

Ochre oranges and vibrant reds have started to peek out through the lush monochrome greens of our abundant foliage here in town. It's crisp out and the leaves are ready [...]

Bold and Beautiful

Bright and Bold Paint Palettes Add a Splash to Your Home's Interior On Monday, I showed some examples of how neutral interior paint colors can add a lot of depth [...]

Interior Painting with Neutral Colors

Sophisticated Palettes for Your Home's Interior A great summer remodeling project is adding a new coat of interior paint. If you've been thinking of painting your home, but the wall [...]

The Writing on the Wall

It's a new twist on the white wall: Photo Credit: Idea Paint and we love it! Do white walls scare you? They scare me too. White isn't for everyone, [...]