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Time to get out the paint bucket

Hopefully exterior painting is not on your home improvement to-do list every year. But if this is your year, you either want to hire a paint contractor or mark out [...]

Inside the trend toward healthy, natural paint

You may not experience the off-gassing of toxic chemicals into your home at first. But over time, volatile organic compounds (VOC) used in paint, thinners, and stains can render the [...]

Interior paint trends for 2012

Natural earth hues, subtle shades and occasional splashes of vivid color make up the palate predicted to be the favorite selection of paint for 2012. Wood grain finishes will be [...]

Removing paint stains after the fact

No matter how careful you are when painting the interior or exterior of your home, stains happen. The better contractor knows how to dab up spills immediately and remove all [...]

Home improvement: Small is beautiful

In my last half dozen blogs I've been urging homeowners to be cautious about the dangerous potential of grandiosity in their plans for home improvement. Experts have been warning homeowners [...]

Tips on interior painting by roller

Painting the interior walls and ceiling of your home doesn't have to be a terrible misadventure-unless you want it to be! As with most home improvements, if you use the [...]

Interior Painting to Beat the Winter Blues

With holiday shopping in full fury, the last thing you're considering is the idea of repainting. But as most of you know, fresh interior paint can change your home--and emotional [...]

Installing a Bathroom Fan

Depending on your local building codes, you may be required to have a bathroom fan even if there are windows in the room. Without a fan equipped to handle the [...]

New Lead Paint Laws for 2010

It's hard to keep track of new legislation that affects home building and remodeling across the 50 states. Too often homeowners and re-modelers get going on a project that requires [...]

Create a Sense of Spaciousness

I've been in more than my share of Victorian homes out here in the West, and some of them are dark, dreary, and depressing. Ultimately, it may not come down [...]