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How to control a summer mole infestation

You may think you've been invaded by an army of critters when only one or two moles are destroying your lawn and garden. Moles are voracious eaters. Yahoo Real Estate [...]

Is it time for a garage-door tune up?

Of all the doors or gates to your home, your garage door and opener probably experience the greatest amount of wear and tear during a year of ordinary use. Imagine [...]

Simple, routine vinyl siding maintenance

One of the top selling points for vinyl siding is the ease of maintenance. But that doesn't mean there's "no maintenance" involved in extending the life of your product. Vinyl [...]

Swamp cooler fall maintenance, simplified

When my family moved to the San Fernando Valley in the late 1950s, most homes came outfitted with evaporative swamp coolers. I remember that they worked fairly well until August [...]

Red flags for buyers: poor home maintenance

Do you think your home will catch the eye of a potential buyer in a challenging real estate market? Look again. Even if you've put money into home improvements in [...]

Cleaning Up Your Gutters

In a matter of weeks, leaves and other debris will start to gather in your rain gutters. Most home-improvement experts recommend that you clean out your gutters every spring and [...]