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Spring lawncare is right around the corner

Here in the Pacific Northwest, lawns are bursting to life. I've already mowed once. It may be just the right time where you live to begin spring landscaping, starting with [...]

Should you rent or buy a lawn aerator?

The right lawn care tools simply bring your landscaping ideas to fruition. But do you need to own them all? Buying an aerator makes sense if you have a large [...]

Putting Your Lawn to Bed for the Year

If you've spent time and money on landscaping and, especially, on growing a lush green lawn, there's plenty to do before winter's freezing breath descends. Good lawn care is four-season [...]

Looking to Kill Your Lawn?

Most likely, you're not. Typically, I prefer to write about the need for testing your soil pH, amending the chemicals, aerating your lawn, and mowing just the right height to [...]

Summer Improvements: Build a Greenhouse

I have friends nearby who added a small, inexpensive greenhouse to jump-start their summer garden. The experiment went so well that they've built a larger greenhouse to house a winter [...]

Springtime Lawncare Strategy Against Spotting

Tour the Web and you find homeowners around the country wondering what to do about burned out spots in their lawn, or having a new lawn emerge in patches. I [...]

Cool Weather Garden Strategies

I maintain that brisk temperatures are no reason to keep you indoors. After all, there's good growing season left, and your garden can be taking advantage. It's also the prime [...]

Lights, Camera, Landscape?

There is this yard I absolutely adore. It belongs to a smaller restored Cape Cod on a corner lot, and the charm is tangible. I run past it in the [...]

Going Coastal

I don't know about you, but summer makes me itch to get outside and take in all that the season has to offer. Nothing seems more essentially summer than [...]

Green with Yard Envy

Maybe it's just the fact that I don't have a yard, but this time of year fills me with a serious case of Yard Envy. The options for creating something [...]