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Resources for inexpensive cabinet hardware

Never underestimate the power of cabinet hardware in transforming the appearance of your kitchen. Even if the cabinet doors and drawer facings have lost their star power to aging and [...]

Demolishing your old kitchen countertops

You'll find thousands of home improvement tips on the Web for kitchen remodeling. A contractor friend always jokes that there are articles on installing new cabinets, tiles and backsplashes, but [...]

Kitchen cabinet refacing is a cost-saving option

Kitchen cabinet refacing has become a popular choice during these cash-strapped times. In as little as a weekend, you can completely transform your entire kitchen's appearance. Compared to the time [...]

Going with the flow in kitchen remodeling

If someone gave you a tip for saving water and, consequently, cutting your utility costs would you take it? I was evaluating new water taps for this blog and wandered [...]

Four quick kitchen upgrades that you can afford

Enough complaining about the sad state of affairs. You want to perform a home improvement now and you don't want to finance it with new debt. Besides, in response to [...]

Remodeling: Let there be light

Another prudent remodeling project to consider these days when cash is tight is a plan to revamp your lighting. Kitchen lighting focuses on energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness today with new [...]

Small kitchen remodeling options for new cooktops

If you're considering remodeling your kitchen, think about ways to do it in modular fashion, improving the overall space one step, one appliance at a time. There are countless ideas [...]

Refacing cabinets can save you money

Most people are looking for a quick, effective way to handle tired and worn kitchen cabinets without having to embark on a long, costly and disruptive kitchen remodeling effort. While [...]

Recycled Sinks for a Green Kitchen

Looking for a green sink for a kitchen improvement project? Not the color green, the relationship of the materials to environmental responsibility and reduced carbon footprints. Santa Monica, Calif.-based architects [...]

8 Ways to Spiff Up Your Home for Fall

Labor Day has come and gone, but that doesn't mean you don't have time to complete the eight do-it-yourself projects that Kipplinger suggests that you get done before winter's cold [...]