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Avoiding Unscrupulous Contractors

Even the more scrupulous building contractors may be tempted to manipulate the details in hopes of a sweeter deal. That's the word out this week from Josh Garskof of Yahoo [...]

Make the Most Out of a Cramped Kitchen

When faced with a small kitchen, too many people settle. They stuff plates and cookware into tiny cabinets. They suck in their bellies when other family members try to squeeze [...]

Presale Home Improvements: The Good and the Bad

If you're still considering putting a home on the market in the near future, your best home-improvement tools right now may just be a broom and dustpan. That's what the [...]

Trouble-free, Inexpensive Makeovers

Most homeowners would spend their limited resources on remodeling a kitchen or bathroom in a challenging economy. That's what a survey by Consumer Reports has revealed. Quality, rather than quantity, [...]

Turning Deadwood into Furniture

What would you say if you knew Americans tossed aside nearly 30 percent of the hardwood timber grown in the country each year? It sounds infuriating! But according to the [...]

Protecting Your Home with Security Systems

Home security may not be a popular topic on the home improvement blogs across the Internet, but it should be. According to the FBI's Semiannual Uniform Crime Report, burglaries in [...]

Spring Remodeling Projects for Immediate Value

You never know where you're going to find great ideas. This week, I saw a newspaper article in a Pennsylvania newspaper that suggests some solid home remodeling ideas for people [...]

Staging Your Home to Sell After Remodeling

You'd be surprised at how many people decide whether to buy your home based on their visceral reaction some 15 seconds after walking in the door. And that's if they've [...]

Hanging Wallpaper Without Hangups

When first-timers take a stab at hanging wallpaper, it's usually more than the paper that gets stuck. You need a good head for logical planning, the willpower to avoid shortcuts, [...]

Home Value and Remodeling Now

When economic times are topsy-turvy, more people choose to remodel their homes than put them up for sale. But you'd be surprised how many keep their eyes on the time [...]