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New apps for home improvement DIYers and contractors

Smartphone applications for contractors or home remodeling buffs have one incredible advantage over other tools: they don't require room in your tool bag! I scoured the blogosphere for some apps [...]

Will America embrace "green staging"?

Eco-staging, or green staging, has captured the hearts and minds of home sellers in Europe and Canada. You've heard it here and elsewhere that, all things being equal, consumers will [...]

Remodeling projects in 2011 remained on a small scale

Consumers are still skittish about spending on home remodeling in the economy, according to statistics from Remodeling Magazine. The magazine's highly respected Cost vs Value Report comes out annually, ranking [...]

Wise budgeting for home remodeling

If you've ever had to live in a home a while with only half of your remodeling project completed, I feel your pain. Planning ahead for overages when you're budgeting [...]

Protect your health while remodeling

It's a known fact that people who work in green buildings have greater productivity and less absenteeism. The Green Building Advisor reports nearly a 50 percent increase in on-the-job time [...]

Quick update on the Bob Vila Twitter chat

Those of you following the blog and the opportunity to participate in a Twitter chat with home improvement maven Bob Vila take note: The chat has been rescheduled for Thursday, June [...]

Improvement projects to consider during the housing crisis

It comes as no real surprise to those of us who own homes that today's housing crisis-which began in 2006-has now officially been called the worst since the Great Depression. [...]

Not all remodeling projects add lasting home value

Toward the middle of last year I wrote about the annual report released by Remodeling Magazine that revealed some of the best investments in home improvement projects. At that time [...]

Remodeling Ahead of the Upturn

Is this really the time to repair your home with an eye toward the market? During the downturn of the economy, many homeowners embarked on remodeling projects as it seemed [...]

How We Did: Returns in Remodeling Projects for 2009-2010

As the year enters the home stretch, it's a good opportunity to look at mid-range home improvement projects from last year and which ones brought in a good return on [...]