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Remodeling projects in 2011 remained on a small scale

Consumers are still skittish about spending on home remodeling in the economy, according to statistics from Remodeling Magazine. The magazine's highly respected Cost vs Value Report comes out annually, ranking [...]

Home improvement projects to avoid for now

Should you consider making home improvements now? "No" is not the right answer. "None that cost more than they're worth" is closer to the truth. Making wise choices, seeking competitive [...]

Hard news on remodeling ROI

The good news last year was that several home remodeling projects still delivered solid returns in home valuation for the investment. It's less so right now, according to Remodeling Magazine [...]

A Home Office Means Business

If you work from home, or just need a refuge from the rest of your family to pay bills and write emails, a home office makes for a relatively straightforward [...]

Sustainable Options That Might Floor You

The range of materials and prices in the latest flooring products should create enthusiasm for homeowners looking for something different than the same old carpeting or tile coverings. With prices [...]

Getting the Green Light on Sustainability

Builder Magazine recently declared that while it's difficult to predict, the future is already here. The magazine interviewed a wide range of construction experts, green and sustainable authorities, and Leadership [...]

Presale Home Improvements: The Good and the Bad

If you're still considering putting a home on the market in the near future, your best home-improvement tools right now may just be a broom and dustpan. That's what the [...]

Staging Your Home to Sell After Remodeling

You'd be surprised at how many people decide whether to buy your home based on their visceral reaction some 15 seconds after walking in the door. And that's if they've [...]

It's a Boom in Home Improvements

M.P. McQueen of the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) weighed in this week on the do-it-yourself boom. It seems as the housing market continues to circle the drain, the home improvement [...]

Shower Envy

Americans are finicky about their showers. It's said that President Lyndon Johnson had a shower-head installed in the White House with a force so strong it knocked over anyone else [...]