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Plan ahead: Remodeling spending may dive further

Homeowner spending on remodeling and home improvement projects is expected to take a major dive going into 2012, according to the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University. The [...]

Protect your health while remodeling

It's a known fact that people who work in green buildings have greater productivity and less absenteeism. The Green Building Advisor reports nearly a 50 percent increase in on-the-job time [...]

Save your basement with a French drain

If your basement is wet, moldy and frequently flooded, it may not be due to a flaw in your foundation. Often the culprit is leaking basement walls that are saturated [...]

Old home exteriors: Should you use paint or stain?

Home improvement or maintenance projects for historical homes naturally bring up issues that never surface with newer or new retro designs. A major concern among owners of historical homes is [...]

Four quick kitchen upgrades that you can afford

Enough complaining about the sad state of affairs. You want to perform a home improvement now and you don't want to finance it with new debt. Besides, in response to [...]

Getting real about right-sized home improvements

As the housing market continues to limp along, and as people downsize home improvement plans to simple tinkering, it's wise to think in terms of not letting things go to [...]

Quick update on the Bob Vila Twitter chat

Those of you following the blog and the opportunity to participate in a Twitter chat with home improvement maven Bob Vila take note: The chat has been rescheduled for Thursday, June [...]

Vinyl siding options: chat with Bob Vila

Discussing vinyl siding is a lot like bringing up politics or religion at a family gathering. You're sure to get an earful of conflicting opinions. I'll say this: if vinyl [...]

Home improvement: protecting your family from mites

If you suffer from asthma and allergies like I do, you know that there can be more trouble in your home than meets the eye. Often you'll complete a thorough [...]

Home improvement projects to avoid for now

Should you consider making home improvements now? "No" is not the right answer. "None that cost more than they're worth" is closer to the truth. Making wise choices, seeking competitive [...]