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What's on Your Kitchen Must-Have List?

Much like they have opinions on movies and restaurants, everyone has their own view of must-have features to put in a new kitchen. I tend to think that the scope [...]

Getting Organized: Cool Accessories for Your Closet

Apart from losing my car keys, there's little that frustrates me as much as looking for the right shirt or tie in a jumbled closet. Every time I move or [...]

Creating an Attractive Backsplash

The kitchen backsplash should not only protect your walls from flying liquids, it should complement your decor. Tile backsplashes are my personal favorite, although you can find attractive materials made [...]

Can We Save Old American Homes?

Preservationists, ecologists, and homeowners of architectural era homes trying to meet their utility bills wonder if the costs of retrofitting a tired lady outstrip the value of completing the project. [...]

An Ounce of Prevention

Some houses get lightly lived in, and then there are those abodes that weather the perfect storms of kids and pets and indoor floor sock hockey. Among other things. Do [...]

Forward Thinking for Fall

I live with someone who is very organized. If you can relate, it's no secret that this can be a somewhat stressful endeavor. The benefits of living around such individuals [...]

What New Homeowners Need to Have on Hand

Owning your own home is a major milestone and a pretty fun undertaking. However, chances are your new home will also need continual work, especially if you live in an [...]

Always Greener on the Other Side

What would it be like to live in world that was completely self sustainable? How would life be different for us if we were completely free of our dependency on [...]

Get Hooked by Transitional Spaces

Transitional spaces tend to be the places in our homes that get left behind. Mud rooms, entry ways, even hallways, it seems like they get neglected until they malfunction, which [...]

Go Home Without Going Big

It seems in this country, we like our houses big. The bigger the better. Bigness seems almost inextricably linked to our very happiness. But what does the size of our [...]