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How secure is your home?

It's my nature to surf the world of online home improvement blogs. There's great information out there, including home improvement ideas if you're rebuilding or going green. But I've yet [...]

Is it time to solar heat your swimming pool?

Decks and fences make for fine summertime home improvement projects. If you want to add a pool, why not evaluate energy efficiency and home improvement ideas that offer returns on [...]

Playhouses must follow a design for safety

You can find some of the most interesting home improvement ideas by looking at the designs for children's play houses. If we could consider safety when we improve the big [...]

Basement Conversions and Game Rooms

Game rooms are all about expressing the personalities of the people who play in them. Some homeowners like converting a basement space into the ultimate man cave, replete with wide-screen [...]

8 Ways to Spiff Up Your Home for Fall

Labor Day has come and gone, but that doesn't mean you don't have time to complete the eight do-it-yourself projects that Kipplinger suggests that you get done before winter's cold [...]

Mudroom Revivals

Mudrooms are commonplace in the entryways of homes in the cold and wet north and northeast of the country, where families deposit their muddy boots and coats before entering the [...]

Openness and Natural Woods for the Hopper House

After Hollywood actor and director Dennis Hopper passed away this May after a long bout with cancer, his house went on sale. The Hopper compound--located on Indiana Avenue in Venice, [...]

Sorting Out Simple Bath Renovations

With so many people writing about the decent rate of return and value of small bathroom remodeling projects, I thought I'd hop on the bandwagon. Of course, your first logical [...]

Home Value and Remodeling Now

When economic times are topsy-turvy, more people choose to remodel their homes than put them up for sale. But you'd be surprised how many keep their eyes on the time [...]

It's a Boom in Home Improvements

M.P. McQueen of the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) weighed in this week on the do-it-yourself boom. It seems as the housing market continues to circle the drain, the home improvement [...]