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Going green with alternative building materials

Building materials found in nature are not just for flings with green or sustainable trends. In reality, materials made from woods, plant matter and clay have been used successfully for [...]

Will America embrace "green staging"?

Eco-staging, or green staging, has captured the hearts and minds of home sellers in Europe and Canada. You've heard it here and elsewhere that, all things being equal, consumers will [...]

What does "green remodeling" really mean?

You've heard a lot about green remodeling. Many new homes are constructed with green building materials, appliances, windows and doors. Green, in short, means that the initial builder or homeowner [...]

Smart green building devices that promote energy efficiency

Have you heard about smart meters? A smart meter connects homes with the electric grid. It's a two-way communicator that helps homeowners truly examine their energy use and make decisions [...]

Remodeling with bamboo flooring

I love the look and feel of bamboo flooring. Color tones that resemble caramelized sugar add amazing warmth to a room. Bamboo flooring is known to be durable and kind [...]

The last straw: green building alternatives to particle boards

I'm not a big fan of particle board construction. First and foremost, I don't care for the off-gassing of toxic resins, binding materials and fillers. Second, I've seen too many [...]

Green home improvement: Time for an energy audit

It's a good time to talk about conducting your energy audit. It's summer outside, reasonably dry, and you may want to assess your energy efficiency before the winter rolls in. [...]

Dishwasher Care and Maintenance

I grew up washing my family's dishes, pots, and pans by hand, so I appreciate having a dishwasher in my home today. I wait until it's full before running it [...]

What's Next for Home Improvement Tax Credits?

Last month, when President Obama signed the $858-billion federal tax bill the provisions included a continuation of tax credits for energy efficient home improvement projects. The bad news is that [...]

New Year's Energy Resolutions

According to the ENERGYSTAR division of the government, the average American family spends about $2,200 a year in heating and cooling their homes. Some of you must be scoffing at [...]