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Remodeling with bamboo flooring

I love the look and feel of bamboo flooring. Color tones that resemble caramelized sugar add amazing warmth to a room. Bamboo flooring is known to be durable and kind [...]

Slate tile for your kitchen

The natural stone of slate tiles for your kitchen floors, backsplashes or countertops, has retained its popularity with homeowners for its durability and warm appearance. Slate flooring is naturally resistant [...]

A Second Look at Cork Flooring

I've been reading more and more articles about cork flooring. Is it that the green, alternative product is gaining in popular use among homeowners, or are home-improvement bloggers just beginning [...]

Sustainable Options That Might Floor You

The range of materials and prices in the latest flooring products should create enthusiasm for homeowners looking for something different than the same old carpeting or tile coverings. With prices [...]

Installing a Laminate Kitchen Floor

I've seen so many laminate floors in kitchens and baths lately that it seems an obvious choice for many people. Putting down laminate flooring is so much easier than a [...]

What to Do About Radon

In thinking about internal pollutants and dangers in the home for an earlier blog this week, I thought you Do It Yourselfers might benefit from a talk about radon. There [...]

Nailing Down the Squeaky Floor

Besides the water torture of a dripping faucet, I can't think of anything more maddening than a squeaky floor. It announces all arrivals and departures, no matter the time of [...]

Cleaning Up Floor Grout

Do the grout lines on your kitchen floor resemble a map of interstate highways? Grout is easy to stain, a little more difficult to clean, and it can crack from [...]

Radiant Floors for Your Kitchen and Bath

As I grow older, my feet get colder. Every winter I wish I had radiant floors. I first encountered a radiant floor kitchen in Washington State where friends had rehabbed [...]