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Remodeling Goes to the Dogs

It happened early in August. The venerable New York Times ran an article by Sonia Zjawinski noting that homeowners were "remodeling with their pets in mind." That's like the tail [...]

Shop Wisely for New Appliances

So many reasons today can contribute to your desire to buy new cooking appliances. You may be remodeling a kitchen because it's too small. Or perhaps your energy bills are [...]

Know Your State Green Remodeling Initiatives

By now, most of you know all about the ENERGYSTAR programs that can bring tax credits for green remodeling if the products are purchased by the end of this year. [...]

Cut Your Air Conditioning Bills This Summer

I don't know which is worse in the town where I live--three months of hundred-degree heat or my energy bill! Believe me, I take to heart most of the recommendations [...]

Draft Snakes and Permanent Solutions

Most everyone at one time has had to put a rolled-up towel at the bottom of a leaky window or drafty door. In fact, draft snakes--decorated, stuffed lengths of fabric--were [...]

Getting the Green Light on Sustainability

Builder Magazine recently declared that while it's difficult to predict, the future is already here. The magazine interviewed a wide range of construction experts, green and sustainable authorities, and Leadership [...]

Little Consumer Love of Cash for Clunker Appliances Programs

Despite the offer of $300 million in rebates from the states under the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) cash-back program, consumers seem less than interested. Some 36 states and territories [...]

Trouble-free, Inexpensive Makeovers

Most homeowners would spend their limited resources on remodeling a kitchen or bathroom in a challenging economy. That's what a survey by Consumer Reports has revealed. Quality, rather than quantity, [...]

Do You Need Weatherstripping in the Summer?

I'm often surprised when homeowners think of weatherstripping as a winter-only project. With some 30 percent of your energy costs pegged to heat--and cold air--leaks at home, you'd think more [...]

Spring Remodeling Projects for Immediate Value

You never know where you're going to find great ideas. This week, I saw a newspaper article in a Pennsylvania newspaper that suggests some solid home remodeling ideas for people [...]