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Dialing in Your Winter Heating

You can have the latest model of a European sports car in your garage, but it will run poorly if it hasn't been tuned to manufacturer's specifications or you don't [...]

Electronic Filters: Improve Your Heater Performance This Winter

Most of you already know that to improve the energy efficiency as well as air quality in your home this winter, you should change out your heater or furnace filter. [...]

Time Running Out on Energy Efficiency Tax Credits

On midnight December 31, 2010, the Federal tax credit program on renewable energy improvement projects for your home expires. Under the provisions, homeowners can receive Federal income tax credit up [...]

Quick, Efficient Projects for the Weekend

This time of year, most home improvement bloggers weigh in with indoor improvement suggestions as the weather turns stormy around the country. One favorite topic is how to create greater [...]

Clean and Test Your Thermostat for Winter

Most people have a "set and forget" policy for their home thermostat. But what if it's calibrated incorrectly in the first place? You can check the calibration with a simple [...]

Five Winter Energy-Savings Measures You Can Take Now

You've worked all year, putting money aside for holiday shopping or a winter's trip to the islands, but a stunning energy bill can send your ideas packing. By now, it's [...]

Quick-Change Tips for Energy Efficiency

I've always maintained that the wallet--not the heart--can drive the nation toward energy efficiency. Despite our most admirable convictions, it's been the rising cost of energy that has fuelled Americans' [...]

8 Ways to Spiff Up Your Home for Fall

Labor Day has come and gone, but that doesn't mean you don't have time to complete the eight do-it-yourself projects that Kipplinger suggests that you get done before winter's cold [...]

The New Solar Tiles Are Hot

Eventually it may be so easy to collect solar energy that homeowners will find it second nature. Dow Chemical has plans to develop and sell solar shingles, roofing materials that [...]

Take Another Look at Efficiency Remodeling

With home prices in parts of the country slumping to a 15-year low, homeowners continue to look at putting money into their existing residences rather than trying to sell them. [...]