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Federal tax credits for New Year improvements

Now that 2011 has passed, many of the Federal tax credits offered by the government for new windows, insulation, doors, and other products for home energy efficiency remodeling have also [...]

How to choose the perfect light bulb

Are all light bulb products interchangeable? Not so, according to Consumer Reports. The product evaluator and watchdog recommends that you match the replacement bulb to your lighting fixture. Even if [...]

Record utility costs may drive us to energy efficiecy

A new study shows that the price of electricity provided to American homeowners has skyrocketed over the last five years. Energy price research conducted by the USA TODAY shows that [...]

Holiday decorating that adds value all-year long

With Christmas just around the corner, why not consider making home improvements that decorate for the holidays and last for the entire year? One of my favorite improvements is to [...]

Safe bets for remodeling: energy efficiency upgrades

The housing remodeling market is poised for a rebound, according to researchers at Harvard University. In the next few years, spending on home improvements is expected to increase at a [...]

Winterizing for everyone: Insulation tips

Come winter, consumers and homeowners have questions about the kind of insulation that works best in their homes. Of course, the answer varies based on your location, existing insulation, how [...]

Building trends 2012-2015: expect smaller, greener homes

The American trend toward buying smaller homes - currently driven by the economy - will likely extend out to the near future. A builders' survey conducted by the National Association [...]

The Thermal Envelope and energy efficiency

No matter where you live, one of the best ways to improve energy efficiency in your home is to secure or re-enforce your Thermal Envelope. The Thermal Envelope is the [...]

Is it time to solar heat your swimming pool?

Decks and fences make for fine summertime home improvement projects. If you want to add a pool, why not evaluate energy efficiency and home improvement ideas that offer returns on [...]

Greywater systems help green your home

Imagine installing a garden hose that comes right off of your home washing machine. The soapy, soiled water from your last load of whites or permanent press clothing runs straight [...]