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How to install a paver patio

Paver patios add a great accent to your landscaping. Whether you install it yourself or call in a contractor, you have a vast assortment of bricks, tiles, colors and patterns [...]

Green insulation for new homes and additions

Structural insulated panels (SIPs) are among the latest green design building systems used for residential construction. SIPs are panels manufactured with a foam insulating core packaged between oriented-strand board skins. [...]

Playhouses must follow a design for safety

You can find some of the most interesting home improvement ideas by looking at the designs for children's play houses. If we could consider safety when we improve the big [...]

Accessible design: bathroom improvements for seniors

Nearly 80 million so-called Baby Boomers are 65 years or older. Rather than spend upwards of $60,000 a year to live in a nursing facility, many prefer to modify their [...]

Greening-up vintage and historical homes

In my last blog, I wrote about performing an energy audit of your existing home to find ways to make it more energy efficient. There are quick fixes that enable [...]

The Butterfly House Spreads Its Wings

I was delighted to read that Carmel, California's famous Butterfly House was recently opened to the public. The photos can't tell it all, but you can get an idea why [...]

Expand Your Home without Using a Hammer

If you're feeling squeezed in your home or simply want to present a larger-looking house to would-be buyers, there are ways to maximize your square footage without knocking out a [...]

Mudroom Revivals

Mudrooms are commonplace in the entryways of homes in the cold and wet north and northeast of the country, where families deposit their muddy boots and coats before entering the [...]

Make the Most Out of a Cramped Kitchen

When faced with a small kitchen, too many people settle. They stuff plates and cookware into tiny cabinets. They suck in their bellies when other family members try to squeeze [...]

Hanging Wallpaper Without Hangups

When first-timers take a stab at hanging wallpaper, it's usually more than the paper that gets stuck. You need a good head for logical planning, the willpower to avoid shortcuts, [...]