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Home improvement: protecting your family from mites

If you suffer from asthma and allergies like I do, you know that there can be more trouble in your home than meets the eye. Often you'll complete a thorough [...]

Quick Cleanups for Stainless Steel Sinks

I just moved into a home that has stainless sinks--not only in the kitchen, but in two bathrooms. I'm not used to cleaning or maintaining stainless, so I set myself [...]

Winter Home Troubles Are Only a Storm Away

Summer may seem a long time away from the grim, damaging effects of winter. But don't let the long dry days of summer and the leaning shadows of autumn lull [...]

Combat Garage Clutter

One great way to get a start on spring cleaning is to create more room to get around in your garage. I find that the clutter in my life spills [...]

Cleaning Up Floor Grout

Do the grout lines on your kitchen floor resemble a map of interstate highways? Grout is easy to stain, a little more difficult to clean, and it can crack from [...]

Getting Your Ducts in a Row

Is it absolutely necessary to have your heating ducts cleaned every year? Experts seem divided on the issue. Home improvement expert Bob Villa says it's not necessarily so. He claims [...]

Cleaning Up Your Gutters

In a matter of weeks, leaves and other debris will start to gather in your rain gutters. Most home-improvement experts recommend that you clean out your gutters every spring and [...]