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Kitchen cabinet refacing is a cost-saving option

Kitchen cabinet refacing has become a popular choice during these cash-strapped times. In as little as a weekend, you can completely transform your entire kitchen's appearance. Compared to the time [...]

Getting the most out of your kitchen cabinet space

You wouldn't be the first to report that following your kitchen remodeling project, you still had less than workable space on your counters. Many homeowners base their space on the [...]

Refacing cabinets can save you money

Most people are looking for a quick, effective way to handle tired and worn kitchen cabinets without having to embark on a long, costly and disruptive kitchen remodeling effort. While [...]

Turning Deadwood into Furniture

What would you say if you knew Americans tossed aside nearly 30 percent of the hardwood timber grown in the country each year? It sounds infuriating! But according to the [...]

Undercabinet Lighting Roundup

I've fallen in love with under-cabinet lighting. For one thing, it splashes ample light across your countertops and can be a dramatic mood setter. Newer models of slim, fluorescent lights [...]

Kitchen Trends for 2010

It didn't take long after New Year's Day for prognosticators to begin announcing home remodeling trends for 2010. I had already blogged about early proclamations for 2010 remodeling trends a [...]

Tambour Doors Add Kitchen Utility, Style

I love the tambour door that the builder installed in the corner cabinet of my kitchen. I lift the slatted roll-up whenever I'm whipping up a meal on the adjacent [...]

Quick, Snappy Makeovers for The New Year

You taking a staycation over the holidays? Have time on your hands and a lonely toolbelt? Maybe all you need to get into action and work off all the cookies [...]