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Remodeling without tools: Kitchen and bath organizers

Let's say you can't tolerate the clutter and confines of your bath and kitchen. Money is tight and lenders are tighter. Perhaps this is not the year for your kitchen [...]

How to install countertop tiles

Setting countertop tiles with mortar is an age-tested method that works for most DIY-ers. You may spend a lot of time picking out and arranging a pattern of tiles ahead [...]

Say farewell to your luxury bathroom

It may be hard saying goodbye to home features that are no longer sensible, change is upon us. Last year, the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) predicted that homes [...]

Bathroom water efficiency and new-generation toilets

The math is simple. An old-style toilet can use up to six gallons of water to complete the flush cycle. Today's low-flow toilets use one and a half gallons. Multiply [...]

Choosing the best bathroom vanity top

The bathroom vanity top is basically a countertop surface. You'll find that the surfacing materials offer many of the same choices as those you'd evaluate for the kitchen: solid surface, [...]

Going with the flow: look at energy efficient plumbing

Low-flow plumbing fixtures can save you money in the long haul. The jury is still out whether you can quickly gain a return on your investment since water savings may [...]

Building trends 2012-2015: expect smaller, greener homes

The American trend toward buying smaller homes - currently driven by the economy - will likely extend out to the near future. A builders' survey conducted by the National Association [...]

Chemical sensitivity and home safety

Slowly, it seems, homeowners and contractors are paying closer attention to the side effects of chemicals and building materials. The main culprits being addressed today are volatile organic compounds (VOCs) [...]

Greywater systems help green your home

Imagine installing a garden hose that comes right off of your home washing machine. The soapy, soiled water from your last load of whites or permanent press clothing runs straight [...]

Re-organize your bathroom on the cheap

Everyone you bump into these days needs bath remodeling but simultaneously tells you they haven't a cent to spend. Think small and think cheap. You don't have to knock out [...]