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Got cold? Energy efficiency and refridgerators

Your refrigerator is toast. The compressor is on its last legs and would cost more to repair or replace than you want to spend. It's been a long time since [...]

Looking for a New Cooktop?

I know that electric wall ovens have a larger capacity than their gas counterparts, but when it comes to cooktops, give me gas power every time. The immediate response to [...]

Resolutions and Renovations

You've put away the noise makers and silly hats and you're ready for 2010. No doubt, you've made resolutions for getting exercise, cleaning up your diet, and spending more time [...]

Disposals: Not the Same Old Grind

Renovating your kitchen and adding a sink? Perhaps it's time to consider the latest options in garbage disposals. While only a few manufacturers actually make disposals and issue them to [...]