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Building a Home Improvement Workshop

Where do work on your home improvement projects and store your tools? Many homeowners just toss all their tools in plastic paint buckets and shove them in the garage. You [...]

Home improvement tools for your DIY projects

In can frustrate you to distraction when you have a job to do but there's no suitable tool in the box. I went to local DIY and home improvement stores [...]

How to mount your new TV

Come on, now. Everyone thinks they can hang a new LCD or plasma television. I'm reminded about what Mike Tyson said about boxing, "Everyone has a plan 'till they get [...]

Nail gun safety for homeowner-remodelers

The most-famous motto for all contractors and DIY handymen/women is "measure twice, cut once". I'd prefer to move the phrase, "work safe, work smart" to the top of the slogan [...]

In the pink: Home improvement tools for women

Out here in the West, it's not uncommon to see a woman with a work belt going into the hardware store. My friend Sally thinks nothing about scaling a ladder [...]

Preventing home improvement tool injuries

The difference between completing a home improvement project with pride or ending up in an emergency room with a severed hand can be the variance of a single millimeter and [...]

Remodeling tools: choosing your portable generator

Whether you do construction projects as a contractor or work on your own home improvement projects, having the right tools can spare you horror stories and costly mistakes. For most, [...]

Tool review: The Saw Stop airbag for fingers

When remodeling, you shouldn't have to change the structure of your hand. Perhaps by now you've seen the video of a whirring cabinet saw stopping just before it slices through [...]

Improvement projects to consider during the housing crisis

It comes as no real surprise to those of us who own homes that today's housing crisis-which began in 2006-has now officially been called the worst since the Great Depression. [...]

Buying the right tool for the job

Everyone has heard the old cliche about having the right tool for the job. But the best tool for any home improvement or home repair project is ultimately only as [...]