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Caulk Talk: Draw Your Guns

If you've never sliced the top of your thumb cutting open the edge of a tube of caulk, you have greater dexterity than most part-time home handy workers. I grew [...]

Disposals: Not the Same Old Grind

Renovating your kitchen and adding a sink? Perhaps it's time to consider the latest options in garbage disposals. While only a few manufacturers actually make disposals and issue them to [...]

Time to Remodel Your Laundry Room

Laundry rooms are designed for utility, not decor. But so many laundry rooms become catch-all enclosures for clutter, storage, and other pack-rat activities. After a while, they can become home [...]

More Green Remodeling Ideas and Products

The use of natural elements in home remodeling and energy-efficient products are more than a passing fling. Homeowners are looking at protecting their investment and the environment at the same [...]

Pricing Your Project: Understanding Your Project Quote

When you plan a major remodeling project, first things first: you have to hire a contractor. Of course, you'll want to make sure that you are hiring the best person [...]

Go Home Without Going Big

It seems in this country, we like our houses big. The bigger the better. Bigness seems almost inextricably linked to our very happiness. But what does the size of our [...]

ReliableRemodeler.com Introduces Their New Blog!

Welcome to the inaugural blog posting for ReliableRemodeler.com - we're excited to be here and even more excited that you're here reading! This new space has been a long time in [...]