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Home Renovation and Indoor Air Quality

Whether you're adding a room, installing new carpet, or painting, you're putting yourself and family members in potential harm's way if you don't have a mitigation plan for off-gassing, dust, [...]

The Butterfly House Spreads Its Wings

I was delighted to read that Carmel, California's famous Butterfly House was recently opened to the public. The photos can't tell it all, but you can get an idea why [...]

Basement Conversions and Game Rooms

Game rooms are all about expressing the personalities of the people who play in them. Some homeowners like converting a basement space into the ultimate man cave, replete with wide-screen [...]

Evaluating Your Home Improvement Project Costs

By the time you read this blog, the cost of materials and labor for home improvement projects will have probably changed from the day I wrote it. I continually see [...]

Choosing Stamped Concrete for Your Driveway

Patterned or stamped concrete is a great way to personalize your driveway and set it apart from the lookalike entries on your block. You can spend a lot on stamped [...]

Expand Your Home without Using a Hammer

If you're feeling squeezed in your home or simply want to present a larger-looking house to would-be buyers, there are ways to maximize your square footage without knocking out a [...]

The New Solar Tiles Are Hot

Eventually it may be so easy to collect solar energy that homeowners will find it second nature. Dow Chemical has plans to develop and sell solar shingles, roofing materials that [...]

Draft Snakes and Permanent Solutions

Most everyone at one time has had to put a rolled-up towel at the bottom of a leaky window or drafty door. In fact, draft snakes--decorated, stuffed lengths of fabric--were [...]

Sorting Out Simple Bath Renovations

With so many people writing about the decent rate of return and value of small bathroom remodeling projects, I thought I'd hop on the bandwagon. Of course, your first logical [...]

Presale Home Improvements: The Good and the Bad

If you're still considering putting a home on the market in the near future, your best home-improvement tools right now may just be a broom and dustpan. That's what the [...]