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Not all remodeling projects add lasting home value

Toward the middle of last year I wrote about the annual report released by Remodeling Magazine that revealed some of the best investments in home improvement projects. At that time [...]

Don't let winter stand between you and home improvements

In the heart of winter, it can be easy to let go of your commitment to fix up your home. There are some advantages to doing home improvement projects in [...]

Tips on interior painting by roller

Painting the interior walls and ceiling of your home doesn't have to be a terrible misadventure-unless you want it to be! As with most home improvements, if you use the [...]

New Warnings About Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing

What I love most about the home improvement and building industry is that it frequently takes a close look at what it does and evaluates not only common practice, but [...]

Interesting Home Improvement Products to Try in 2011

Looking forward to the New Year, I've spotted the customary promotions for "life-changing" gear for home maintenance and repair. Take note that I never personally endorse products here, but I [...]

Last-Minute Gifts for DIYers

Why wait until the last minute to find the right gift for a do-it-yourselfer? You still have two weeks! You'd be surprised how great a tool for the home improvement [...]

Remodeling Ahead of the Upturn

Is this really the time to repair your home with an eye toward the market? During the downturn of the economy, many homeowners embarked on remodeling projects as it seemed [...]

How We Did: Returns in Remodeling Projects for 2009-2010

As the year enters the home stretch, it's a good opportunity to look at mid-range home improvement projects from last year and which ones brought in a good return on [...]

Winter's Coming: Get Your Pipes Wrapped!

I write on this subject every fall, but at least one person reading this blog either knows someone--or is that someone--who neglected to prepare their pipes for winter and ended [...]

Avoiding the Latest Contractor Scams

Every few months another national website, blog, or home improvement site comes up with suggestions for avoiding consumer scams from unlicensed or unscrupulous contractors. These days, most legitimate contractors are [...]