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Safe bets for remodeling: energy efficiency upgrades

The housing remodeling market is poised for a rebound, according to researchers at Harvard University. In the next few years, spending on home improvements is expected to increase at a [...]

The Home Affordable Refinance Program and Remodeling

The federal government has enacted changes to The Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) that may assist about one million troubled homeowners to qualify for refinancing. The jury is out whether [...]

Remodeling trends: Smaller homes appeal to buyers

New homes will become ever-increasingly smaller, with rooms doubling up on functionality, designers and realtors agree. If you're thinking of adding a new room, perhaps you should give some thought [...]

Garage door upgrades offer the best ROI in remodeling

Nationwide, there is only one home improvement project that shows increased returns on your investment during the downturn of the economy: steel garage door replacements. All the projects cited in [...]

Re-organize your bathroom on the cheap

Everyone you bump into these days needs bath remodeling but simultaneously tells you they haven't a cent to spend. Think small and think cheap. You don't have to knock out [...]

Plan ahead: Remodeling spending may dive further

Homeowner spending on remodeling and home improvement projects is expected to take a major dive going into 2012, according to the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University. The [...]

Tool review: The Saw Stop airbag for fingers

When remodeling, you shouldn't have to change the structure of your hand. Perhaps by now you've seen the video of a whirring cabinet saw stopping just before it slices through [...]

Getting real about right-sized home improvements

As the housing market continues to limp along, and as people downsize home improvement plans to simple tinkering, it's wise to think in terms of not letting things go to [...]

Hard news on remodeling ROI

The good news last year was that several home remodeling projects still delivered solid returns in home valuation for the investment. It's less so right now, according to Remodeling Magazine [...]

Slate tile for your kitchen

The natural stone of slate tiles for your kitchen floors, backsplashes or countertops, has retained its popularity with homeowners for its durability and warm appearance. Slate flooring is naturally resistant [...]