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Upgrade your home's exterior appearance with one simple change

I've been involved in the construction of many, many new homes over the years and can let you in on a little secret: most large builders don't spend any more on a house than is absolutely necessary. Of course, this doesn't include custom builders who will do just about anything the customer wants and then adjust their price accordingly. The home builders I'm referring to are the big national or regional companies that offer customers several house models from which to choose if you wish to live in a particular community. [...]

3 Reasons to give spray foam insulation a try

As one of those people who are resistant to change and think most new technology will probably end up as a passing fad, I'm always a bit dubious when a new building material happens along. Needless to say, I was less than enthusiastic a few years back when a private home inspector, for whom I was doing a remodeling project, wanted to use spray foam insulation in his home's exterior walls rather than good old-fashioned fiberglass batts. [...]

Building a Home Improvement Workshop

Where do work on your home improvement projects and store your tools? Many homeowners just toss all their tools in plastic paint buckets and shove them in the garage. You [...]

Is this the end of the home office?

More and more Americans are enjoying the benefits of telecommuting. The Telework Research Network estimates that as many as 30 million people work from home at least part of the [...]

Remodeling without tools: Kitchen and bath organizers

Let's say you can't tolerate the clutter and confines of your bath and kitchen. Money is tight and lenders are tighter. Perhaps this is not the year for your kitchen [...]

Bump in housing recovery may spark home improvements

The housing market is showing signs of a recovery this spring and contractors are listening. Prices are up from a year ago and residential building is responding to a call [...]

Wise budgeting for home remodeling

If you've ever had to live in a home a while with only half of your remodeling project completed, I feel your pain. Planning ahead for overages when you're budgeting [...]

Federal tax credits for New Year improvements

Now that 2011 has passed, many of the Federal tax credits offered by the government for new windows, insulation, doors, and other products for home energy efficiency remodeling have also [...]

Remodeling with bamboo flooring

I love the look and feel of bamboo flooring. Color tones that resemble caramelized sugar add amazing warmth to a room. Bamboo flooring is known to be durable and kind [...]

Poor ROIs for these 2011 home improvements

As each year draws to an end, pundits like to sermonize on the best returns on investment homeowners receive from remodeling. The latest analysis that caught my eye appeared at [...]