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Is It Green, or Is It Sustainable?

These days, you'll find the words "green" and "sustainable" tossed around like chocolate chips in articles and blogs about home improvement, construction and energy efficiency. The words are not interchangeable [...]

Daylight harvesting is coming to your town

Daylight harvesting, once deployed only in large commercial and industrial settings, is getting lot of airtime with home builders and renovators. The process is just like it sounds: You install [...]

How to choose the perfect light bulb

Are all light bulb products interchangeable? Not so, according to Consumer Reports. The product evaluator and watchdog recommends that you match the replacement bulb to your lighting fixture. Even if [...]

Holiday decorating that adds value all-year long

With Christmas just around the corner, why not consider making home improvements that decorate for the holidays and last for the entire year? One of my favorite improvements is to [...]

New Phillips LED bulb excels in energy efficiency

Energy efficiency in household lighting continues to advance in the green commercial marketplace. Royal Philips Electronics has launched sales of the world's first light-emitting diode (LED) product designed to replace [...]

Remodeling: Let there be light

Another prudent remodeling project to consider these days when cash is tight is a plan to revamp your lighting. Kitchen lighting focuses on energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness today with new [...]

Fix That Buzzing Light Bulb or Dimmer Switch

As much as we appreciate dimmer switches, they can make low-quality light bulbs flicker and buzz when you turn down the juice. Often the problem is with the bulb and [...]

Expand Your Home without Using a Hammer

If you're feeling squeezed in your home or simply want to present a larger-looking house to would-be buyers, there are ways to maximize your square footage without knocking out a [...]

Lighting that Makes Your Patio Beautiful and Safe

Here in the winter California rains and winds, it's a challenge to walk safely across the patio at night at my friend's house. There's a series of overhead floods that [...]

Undercabinet Lighting Roundup

I've fallen in love with under-cabinet lighting. For one thing, it splashes ample light across your countertops and can be a dramatic mood setter. Newer models of slim, fluorescent lights [...]