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Going green with alternative building materials

Building materials found in nature are not just for flings with green or sustainable trends. In reality, materials made from woods, plant matter and clay have been used successfully for [...]

Green insulation for new homes and additions

Structural insulated panels (SIPs) are among the latest green design building systems used for residential construction. SIPs are panels manufactured with a foam insulating core packaged between oriented-strand board skins. [...]

Try green insulation for health and energy efficiency

If you're committed to going green, you'll be curious about the new generation of efficient, low-impact insulation products on the market. Traditional insulation products can off-gas (at worst) or give [...]

Winterizing for everyone: Insulation tips

Come winter, consumers and homeowners have questions about the kind of insulation that works best in their homes. Of course, the answer varies based on your location, existing insulation, how [...]

Home Insulation and Federal Tax Credits

The federal tax credit program for purchasing new insulation materials seems like a win-win proposition to me. For starters, installing insulation that meets the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) Standards [...]

Don't Overlook Your Garage Door When It Comes to Energy Efficiency

I don't want to let myself admit it, but we're slowly creeping towards fall. The weather will start to get a little crisper, and you might find yourself grabbing for [...]