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The Monster in Your Closet

People would say I'm organized. Particular even. But the truth is I'm hiding a shameful little secret called my closet. And my suspicion is I'm not the only one. I [...]

Go Home Without Going Big

It seems in this country, we like our houses big. The bigger the better. Bigness seems almost inextricably linked to our very happiness. But what does the size of our [...]

Get Paid To Improve Your Home

Did you know that the government could pay you simply for investing in your home? Federal Tax Incentives For Home Improvements Add a solar water heating or photovoltaic system into [...] Introduces Their New Blog!

Welcome to the inaugural blog posting for - we're excited to be here and even more excited that you're here reading! This new space has been a long time in [...]

Fighting Stage Fright

To stage or not to stage? To hire a professional home stager, or do it yourself? These are just some of the questions that plague the minds of individuals in [...]

White Washed: Pure, Simple, Clean Design

I'm someone who loves color. Especially in home design. Using all types of color, everywhere, all the time, has always been my preference. When I was younger my mom went through [...]

Alternatives to Paint: Modern Wallpaper Options

People often give me quizzical looks when I tell them about one of my all time favorite design options: wallpaper. Don't roll your eyes! This isn't your grandmother's stuffy, floral wallpaper. [...]