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Preventative Plumbing for the Winter

It's neither fun, nor cheap to repair and replace burst pipes in the winter. If you live where outside temperatures drop below freezing, you can spare yourself money and heartache [...]

On-Demand Hot Water Systems: Are We Ready?

Years ago I was visiting a friend in Tokyo and was astonished that she took water from the tap for tea, and it was too hot to drink. This was [...]

Anticipating Thermostat Problems

Your thermostat, when working properly, runs on a transformer to set and adjust the amount of heat your furnace delivers to your home. Imagine how you might feel one cold [...]

Building Your Home-Repair Toolkit

There's a wrench to fit every home-improvement nut. It's an old joke, but true enough. Tools, sadly, are pricey if you're after quality. Most contractors I know build up their [...]

Winter and Your Chimney

It doesn't matter whether your fireplace is used for aesthetics or heating the house, every fall is a great time to have a chimney inspection and cleaning if it needs [...]

Tripping Over Electrical Problems

The kids are home from college for the weekend. The washer and dryer are running like some crazy commercial laundromat, the sub-woofer in the living room is pounding like a [...]

When a Leaky Toilet Keeps You Running

Whether it's a toilet that runs constantly or one that bursts into action after intervals of silence, it's enough to drive you crazy. It's bad enough that more than a [...]

Seeing the Light: Are Incandescent Bulbs Finished?

Not since Edison's 1879 incandescent electric lamp hit the market has there been such a hubbub about lighting. One can only wonder if the American population was concerned about the [...]

Cleaning Up Your Gutters

In a matter of weeks, leaves and other debris will start to gather in your rain gutters. Most home-improvement experts recommend that you clean out your gutters every spring and [...]

Water Heater Basics

I can't think of anything worse in the morning than having to take a cold shower. But having a rotten egg smell in your shower water from a decayed anode [...]