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What does "green remodeling" really mean?

You've heard a lot about green remodeling. Many new homes are constructed with green building materials, appliances, windows and doors. Green, in short, means that the initial builder or homeowner [...]

Green insulation for new homes and additions

Structural insulated panels (SIPs) are among the latest green design building systems used for residential construction. SIPs are panels manufactured with a foam insulating core packaged between oriented-strand board skins. [...]

Try green insulation for health and energy efficiency

If you're committed to going green, you'll be curious about the new generation of efficient, low-impact insulation products on the market. Traditional insulation products can off-gas (at worst) or give [...]

Federal tax credits for New Year improvements

Now that 2011 has passed, many of the Federal tax credits offered by the government for new windows, insulation, doors, and other products for home energy efficiency remodeling have also [...]

How to choose the perfect light bulb

Are all light bulb products interchangeable? Not so, according to Consumer Reports. The product evaluator and watchdog recommends that you match the replacement bulb to your lighting fixture. Even if [...]

Record utility costs may drive us to energy efficiecy

A new study shows that the price of electricity provided to American homeowners has skyrocketed over the last five years. Energy price research conducted by the USA TODAY shows that [...]

Smart green building devices that promote energy efficiency

Have you heard about smart meters? A smart meter connects homes with the electric grid. It's a two-way communicator that helps homeowners truly examine their energy use and make decisions [...]

New windows can curb record-high energy bills

If you've been watching your electric bills soar, welcome to the club. A new report from USA TODAY finds that we've endured five straight years of increases, making it the [...]

Choosing storm doors for the New Year

I've become a fan of storm doors. New storm door models are energy efficient and provide a layer of protection between your home and the elements. Moreover, these doors are [...]

Holiday decorating that adds value all-year long

With Christmas just around the corner, why not consider making home improvements that decorate for the holidays and last for the entire year? One of my favorite improvements is to [...]