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DIY projects: remember to figure waste


Going green with alternative building materials

Building materials found in nature are not just for flings with green or sustainable trends. In reality, materials made from woods, plant matter and clay have been used successfully for [...]

Home improvement tools for your DIY projects

In can frustrate you to distraction when you have a job to do but there's no suitable tool in the box. I went to local DIY and home improvement stores [...]

Remodeling with bamboo flooring

I love the look and feel of bamboo flooring. Color tones that resemble caramelized sugar add amazing warmth to a room. Bamboo flooring is known to be durable and kind [...]

The last straw: green building alternatives to particle boards

I'm not a big fan of particle board construction. First and foremost, I don't care for the off-gassing of toxic resins, binding materials and fillers. Second, I've seen too many [...]

Pile carpet repair made simple

You're not really a perfectionist, you just can't stand that torn, burned, ripped or stained section of pile carpet right in the middle of your living room. Even if you've [...]

In the pink: Home improvement tools for women

Out here in the West, it's not uncommon to see a woman with a work belt going into the hardware store. My friend Sally thinks nothing about scaling a ladder [...]

Playhouses must follow a design for safety

You can find some of the most interesting home improvement ideas by looking at the designs for children's play houses. If we could consider safety when we improve the big [...]

Red flags for buyers: poor home maintenance

Do you think your home will catch the eye of a potential buyer in a challenging real estate market? Look again. Even if you've put money into home improvements in [...]

Slate tile for your kitchen

The natural stone of slate tiles for your kitchen floors, backsplashes or countertops, has retained its popularity with homeowners for its durability and warm appearance. Slate flooring is naturally resistant [...]