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Building Your Home-Repair Toolkit

There's a wrench to fit every home-improvement nut. It's an old joke, but true enough. Tools, sadly, are pricey if you're after quality. Most contractors I know build up their [...]

Winter and Your Chimney

It doesn't matter whether your fireplace is used for aesthetics or heating the house, every fall is a great time to have a chimney inspection and cleaning if it needs [...]

Tripping Over Electrical Problems

The kids are home from college for the weekend. The washer and dryer are running like some crazy commercial laundromat, the sub-woofer in the living room is pounding like a [...]

Turn Up the Heat: Add some warmth to your home this winter

It's cold and windy outside and I've been reluctant to do anything that involves leaving my nest of three blankets. So, I've got "staying warm" on the brain, and thinking [...]

Seeing the Light: Are Incandescent Bulbs Finished?

Not since Edison's 1879 incandescent electric lamp hit the market has there been such a hubbub about lighting. One can only wonder if the American population was concerned about the [...]

Vanity Lighting for Effect

When it comes to lighting in your bath, all is certainly vanity. Kidding aside, the kind of lighting you install in your vanity ultimately has more to do with how [...]

Radiant Floors for Your Kitchen and Bath

As I grow older, my feet get colder. Every winter I wish I had radiant floors. I first encountered a radiant floor kitchen in Washington State where friends had rehabbed [...]

Water Heater Basics

I can't think of anything worse in the morning than having to take a cold shower. But having a rotten egg smell in your shower water from a decayed anode [...]

Ceiling Fans and Energy Efficiency

In improperly installed or poorly maintained ceiling fan may become more ornamental than useful. You may have selected your kitchen, bedroom, or living room fan based on appearance, choosing it [...]

Home Greening and Tax Credits

It's time to revisit the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 and its energy improvements section. In sum, Section 1121 of the act was created to offer a $1,500 [...]

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