Painting Trends: Add Accent Color for 2012

Posted by Woodrow Aames ~ June 27, 2012

You've decided your house needs fresh color. Perhaps you're among the American homeowners who have decided to give up putting their residence on the market. Or, you're aging in place. It doesn't matter: if you can't stand your kitchen or living room any longer, you can create a color scheme that perfectly suits you.

Of course, paint manufacturers and home improvement mavens cite the color scheme of the year. But if you're keeping your home, you don't have to keep up with the Joneses. I like the idea of consulting online swatches and combinations as well as visiting home improvement stores for painting ideas. It's difficult sometimes to see colors clearly behind the often intoxicating names that paint companies tag them with.

For example, Benjamin Moore's color trends for 2012 are clustered in four key palates: Spiced Life, Sense and Sensibility, Earth and Sky, and Eclectic Elegance. Each name was probably test marketed to determine consumer groups along a wide scale from conservative and prim to dashing and risky.

The Spiced Life palate accents walls in neutral tones of pewter with a splash of persimmon on the ceiling. Sounds yummy, but you may want to go into a paint store and have a look. Sense and Sensibility looks right for people who still write on stationary, who love Dunmore Cream walls and Montpelier Blue accents.

What About Color Theory?

Know this: even if you're an anarchist, don't paint your kitchen black. I mean it. Reliable Remodeler can show you how to apply color theory like a professional interior designer.

There are 24 basic colors on the wheel you'll find at your paint or home improvement store. Side by side, colors influence each other. Knowing how to combine colors with the same attributes can create a tranquil blend - or you can dash in a scandalous tone without disrupting the overall design and decor.

Don't overlook coordinating improvement tasks besides repainting your interiors to change the comfort level of your home and create pleasing harmony. Use well-coordinated wall paint to boost kitchen color while cabinet refacing.

Cabinet fronts could accent your paint scheme with their own dash of color. And backsplashes and wall tiles cement a visual effect in the kitchen. Be sure to take samples from store to store as you order materials. Poor color and pattern coordination is often the number-one home improvement offender.

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